Dharma talks

To Discover your true self, “I” must die      [click for the full excerpt]

I’m grateful that we can all gather together again today. Although we always function together as one, there is clearly “you” and “I.” All of us are fellow practitioners who explore together the path of truth. When we gather here like this, you, I, and all other beings are friends who walk together on the way of truth. Today let’s begin by thinking deeply about the meaning of what Shakyamuni Buddha said and did when he was born into this world. He said, “Above and below the heavens, there is nothing that is not me.” Then he looked in every direction and took seven steps. Buddhism appeared at that moment, and the practice of cultivating mind, which is the path of discovering our true self, also began. Although I have never been to school, nor have I read many books, here is what I think the Buddha’s actions mean.

No River to Cross     [click for the full excerpt]

Life Itself is Dharma
The Buddha-Dharma encompasses all of the things you do in your life— walking, speaking, and moving. Thus the truth that has been taught by every Buddha exists not only in the Dharma Hall, but also in your bedroom, kitchen, and workplace. The life of laypeople and teachers are not different in terms of practice.
As with most problems, there is a portion that others can help you with, but only you can take care of the most fundamental parts. You do this by entrusting everything, even disease and pain, to your foundation. This is because everything, including disease, arises from your foundation, so that is where the solutions also need to start from

Further, everything in this world happens through the combined functioning of the fifty percent that is the material realm and the fifty percent that is the non-material realm, so to properly solve anything, you need to include both halves, i.e. both the material world and your fundamental mind.

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